Writing a CV is hard.

Come and work with the experts.

Why invest in your CV?

You need to stand out from the crowd

and showcase what you can bring to a prospective employer



What order do

I put it in?

What skills do

I highlight?

How much information

shall I include?

What do I say and

how do I say it?

How will I present this?

Common Mistakes

Different fonts

Use of colours

Spelling mistakes

Irregular formatting

Inappropriate pictures

Grammatical errors

Too much detail

Creating a stand out CV is hard - come and work with the experts


Recruiters receive
on average,
50 applications
per job

A recruiter
typically spends
just 6-10 seconds scanning an application

61% of recruiters
will immediately dismiss a CV
that contains
any errors

30% of job
seekers will apply to at least 10 jobs before they get
an interview

Your CV. Made Simple



When applying for a job, it's a very different ball game these days. There was once a time when you’d be up against maybe 5 -10 people for the same role. One interview was the usual process and getting a job was relatively uncomplicated.


Now the recruitment process is infinitely more complex, more competitive, longer application process and interview process, and also the need to be familiar with how employers use technology for assessments and selection processing.

All of these considerations mean that you have to work really hard at getting that dream role. Some people find these things easier than others but one thing is for sure, you only get to make that first impression once.

First Impressions – it takes just 6 seconds


The first contact could be made at career fair with a face to face chat with the recruitment manager but for many  people the first contact and first chance to impress is through the CV, which makes it so important to get it RIGHT.


Make it unique every single time

Your CV should be adapted to suit every job you apply for. You should make it relevant to each particular role, change certain aspects of your experience (DON’T make things up), detail different elements of your qualifications or highlight courses and experience you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for.  Expand your work history for certain jobs that will be more interesting to that employer.  It takes a lot of work.


Qualifications shown on your CV need to be relevant.  Personal statements need to be short and to the point, and it should be the right length.  It needs to be exciting, it needs to be interesting, it needs to be able to get you through in the door for an interview.


Even the “experts” find it tough.  Ask any recruiter you know and they’ll say pretty much the same thing; “My CV is awful” or “Writing a CV is so hard”.


We’ve only scratched the surface here, but this is how  CV UK Writer can help you do.


Figure out what’s important and how to convey it and present it.  If your budget is super stretchy or marginally pliable, we can help you get the best out of what you’ve already got, or we can provide you with a bespoke document that we have drafted and which will help you get your foot in the door.


And furthermore, we’ll check your CV to make sure you don’t tell a potential employer that you speak English and French.......you’d be surprised!!



With over a decade of experience in the global recruitment market, we provide a CV writing
and guidance service for the UK market.

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